Aluminum die casting part
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Aluminum die casting part

We have cold chamber and cold chamber machines with different tonnage die casting machine that 80 tone to 800 tone, totally 19 set die casting machine, so we can provide different size and weight parts from 5g to 8KG, part tolerance control +/- 0.02mm, we provide high quality part to help clients to enhance theirs products competitiveness.

We know well the essence of having loyal clients and to make sure of this, we are keeping provide the best prices in the field. We cooperate tirelessly to make sure that our team manufacturing premier products of high quality and the expectations of clients exceeded with every single order.

Part treatment surface: Plated nickel, Plated chrome Anodizing, Painting, Powder coating, Polish, Electrophoretic coating, Passivation, etc.

The below part pictures shown some of die casting parts we made FYI.