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Mold Design
A good mold design is the heart of plastic mold, therefore we pay special attention to mold construction and choice mold steels & gate position, cooling channels and moving mechanisms to ensure the highest quality parts are delivered from its mold at the minimum cycle.
Every mold is designed in 2D assembly and detailed component drawing as well as 3D assembly drawing, providing complete 2D & 3D drawings for tooling and manufacturing and ensuring proper assembly of all components.
Using advanced CAD/CAM/CAE software as Pro-Engineer, Solid works, UG, Mold flow, AutoCAD and Pro ENGINEER on mold design, analysis, using advance Mold flow software to analyze part to against part potential issue, avoid part air traps, welding lines, shear rate, shrinkage, shortages, Sand holes issues while molding process.
We always help customer to optimize parts structure, optimizing parts structure in good way for molding and secondary machining, so we can control machining cost as low as possible,
Mold design is an important part of the development process when considering the production of molding, they are some considerations as follows:
1. The shape of the molding part has a direct bearing on the time involved in making the mold, the cycle time of the molding.
2. Demolding angle degree on the side walls are necessary to ensure the molding can be removed from the mold /tooling.
3. The surface finish of the molding needs to be decided before the mold is completed. Polish, texture and other finishes can be added to the molding to enhance the aesthetic qualities of the molding. 
4. Weight, surface area and thickness of the molding part directly affect cycle time. Where moldings have significantly varying thickness, cooling has to be controlled very carefully otherwise depressions form (sink marks) on the outer surface of the molding caused by excessive shrinkage of the thick section of the molding.
5. The number of cavities in a mold is governed by the number of units per annum required. The number of cavities directly affects the size of machine required for the multi-cavities mold
We complete finish mold drawings according clients technology information& request
As mold component’s standard, mold size, gate type, cooling, ejector way, etc.
Molds structure including 2 plates mold, 3 plates mold, hot runner system mold, DMU mold, Auto unscrew mold, 2K mold, over mold, single or multi cavities mold, opposite mold,   
Mold Application: Automotive part, electronic part, Industrial part, machines part, furniture part, etc.
Mold design detail as follows:
  • DFM report
  • Mold flow report
  • 2D mold drawing
  • 3D mold drawing
Mold standard: HASCO, DME or customer’s request
2D drawing date: DWG, DXF, PDF, etc.
3D drawing date: X_T, IGES, STEP, etc.
Lead time:  1-2 weeks
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