Turning & Gear Part
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Turning & Gear Part

Turning involves rotation of the work piece while the cutting tool moves in a linear motion. This results in a cylindrical shape. A lathe is the machine of choice for all turning operations.

Like most machining operations, turning is either done manually.

The downside to manual turning is it requires continuous supervision. Automatic turning does not. With Computer Numerical Control, or CNC, you program all the movements, speeds, and tooling changes into a computer. These instructions then get sent to the lathe for completion. CNC allows for consistency and efficiency of high production runs.

Our facility is equipped with precision CNC Turning machines that are extremely accurate (+/-.0.015mm) and very efficient. From cost effective 2 axis machines for short production runs or simple parts, to powerful, multi-axis turning centers with flexible 5 axis configurations. The machines allow turning, machining and back turning for complex parts with critical timed features and cost efficiency for mass production requirements.