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Stamping Parts‎

Stamping mold/ Stamping die/ Punching mold
Stamping part / stamping component / Punching part

•Material: Aluminum
•Application: Electronic
•Punching type: Cold Stamping
•Mold type: Multistep Progressive Dies
•Fine Blanking: Open
•Process : Forming Process
•Surface Processing: Anodize
•Inspection:100% inspection before shipping

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Stamping mold/ Stamping die/  Punching mold

Stamping part / stamping component / Punching part

Material: Aluminum  

Application:  Electronic 

Punching type: Cold Stamping  

Mold type:  Multistep Progressive Dies 

Fine Blanking: Open 

Process :  Forming Process 

Surface Processing: Anodize  

Inspection100% inspection before shipping

Normally stamping parts Surface Treatments are Anodize, Chromate, Electrolytic Plating, Nickel Plating, Galvanize, Tempered, Paint, Powder Coating, Polish etc.,

Material Standard: ISO, DIN, ASTM, UNS, AISI, JIS, BS, NF

Materials including Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Iron, steel, Plastic, etc.

Shipment Terms

   0-200 kg: express & Air freight priority,  

  200 kg: sea freight priority,   

  As per customized specifications

Package: Standard carton box / Pallet or container /As per customized specifications

Why to choice us

20 Year’s experience 

Professional team 

Qualified stamping part  

Reasonable price 

On time delivery 

Strict quality control 

Assemble part  

One stop service 

wn  is only for some of stamping parts we made,    

we can making stamping part according to customer’s drawings or samples

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