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Home Appliances Part

Home Appliances Part, find complete details about Home Appliances Part, Home Appliances plastic part injection molding, Home Appliances Plastic Parts China, Home Appliances Plastic Parts Manufacturer & Supplier - HT Mould


Plastic part / Injection part

Part material: ABS+PC

Surface finished:  SPI B-1

Molding machine: 400T

Cycle time: 40S

Quality control: ISO/ERP system guarantee

Packaging: bubble bag – carton box – pallet

Shipping way: by sea / air / express.

Delivery Time: 7-30 days

Order quantity : Small order accepted

One-stop service from mold making to molding part

Application: Home Appliance

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 Info@htmould.com
 +86 (769) 85318956
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