Our team engineers with collective experience constantly strive to refine and perfect our skills, 

We are able to meet customer’s mold design standard request,

Designing is a heat of making good quality molds, so we pay more attention to every step and every detail.

We use advance Mold Flow to Analysis of  potential  part warpage, sink mark,  air  traps, welding line, etc.

Therefore we can avoid some problems before mold making, to assure make good quality mold and save time

Mold designing steps:

•  Part analysis
•  DFM Report for part design
•  Part Modification
•  2D Mold designing
•  Customer checking /Released
•  3D mold designing
•  CNC Program
•  2D component drawing

Software: UG , Solid Works, AutoCAD, PROE, Mold Flow, etc.

Moldflow Analysis 2D mold drawing checking meeting
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