Our Capabilities

Plastic Part

Plastic injection molding is an extremely versatile method of producing plastic parts and has multiple advantages over other methods of plastic molding. Not only is the process simpler and more reliable than others methods, but it is also extremely efficient.

We have got rich Injection Molding experience, we can provide on stop outstanding service to fulfill all your molded part requirements. Our facility and technical ability will exceed your expectations for service, quality and value.

We currently have injectionmachines ranging from 80 to 600tons (total 30sets),this allows us to produce weight part from 1g to 2.5kg, machines are including Horizontal, Vertical and 2 shots machine. In addition to our Molding Machines we have auxiliary forming presses, Temperature Controllers, Chillers and Robotic Part Extractors. In process continuity and Hi-Pot testing along with vision system inspection allows for high quality products for our clients.

Our Injection molding capacity:

  1. 2 shots part /2K part
  2. Insert molding
  3. Overmolding part
  4. Transparency plastic part
  5. Value-Added Assembly
  6. Thermoset plastic part

Raw materials are including PP, ABS, PE?HDPE?PET, PC. Nylon, POM, PPT, PPO, PMA, PPT, PSU, etc.

We are proud of our work. That's why we guarantee it!