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Die Casting Part

Die Casting is a process of injection of Aluminum or Zamak Alloys under pressure, which produces parts in high volume at low costs.

There are two processes of Aluminum (or Zamak) alloy die casting: hot chamber and cold chamber.

HT mold Group sub die casting factory was founded in 2010,factory with an area of 9000 square meters and10 engineers &over 140 working staffs. We have hot chamber die casting machines and cold chamber die casting machines, Hot chamber die casting machines are including 80T, 130T, 180T, Cold chamber die casting machines areincluding 80T,130T,180T,280T, 400T, 600T, 800T, Most of our die casting parts will be used on Electronic, Automotive, Lighting, Security, Household Appliances,Industrial, Sports equipment, Medical, etc.

One stop casting part manufacturing::

  1. Die casting molding,
  2. CNC machining
  3. Lathe machining
  4. Drilling & Tapping
  5. Polish / Sand blast
  6. Surface treatment

Part Surfaces are including Anode, Plated, Painting, Powder, Polish, Sand blast, etc.

Aluminumalloy casting part raw materials are ADC10, ADC12, A380,A356, etc.

Zamak or Zincalloy casting part raw materials areZinc/Zamak 3#, 5#, etc.

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